On Blogging

The idea of blogging has always fascinated me.  On one hand, I ‘d like to believe it’s something I could do rather well, but when it comes to execution, I abandon ship and move on to the next type of writing that is more comfortable, more natural to me.  Usually something creative or let’s be honest— something that makes more money. 

I have set up many blogs throughout the years.  None of them lasted more than 6 months.

One of the blogs that I created that lasted a smidge longer than any of the others was called the Cant Stay At Home Mom Blog where I talked about my adventures with my daughter when she was a baby.  I was, in fact, a stay at home mom during her first few years of life and could not just stay at home with her.  I took her everywhere. Libraries, hikes, parks, bookstores, play areas at malls… wherever it was kid friendly, I went to those places plus some.  She was (and still is) my partner in crime who is always up for an adventure. But I stopped writing the blog.  She got older and started preschool. I got a job. You know… life happened.

Other unsuccessful blogs have been about running, weight loss, writing, etc.  My tastes, my interests, my passions are so varied, it’s hard to commit to a single topic and write about it on a consistent basis.  I lack that sort of motivation or passion as a writer to write solely about one topic and would much rather bounce from topic to topic, project to project.

I’ve spoken about this at length with other fellow creative types, albeit some are artists or musicians, not writers, but the same idea applies. One person in particular, an artist, has told me she bounces from project to project, taking so long to complete anything, plenty of projects lounging here and there just waiting to be finished.  Yup. Been there, done (doing) that.

So what has brought me to blogging yet again? The first thought about trying to blog again came when I became a .com.  I purchased AbbieCopeland.com fairly recently for the simple fact that I felt justified to be an official .com now that I’m publishing my first book through Finishing Line Press next year. 

It was a painful experience actually… buying the .com that is.  Even though I had been tossing around the idea for some time, I am quite terrible at promoting myself in any way and having a website all about me felt… well, really weird.

I like promoting other things, other people, other people’s work… But once I received my we-want-to-publish-your-book letter I knew it was time to put the big girl pants on and learn how to sell myself. (*Insert ironic sexy music here*)

But what is a .com without a blog? A rather boring website about a person you may or may not know.  So here I am. Before the start of a new year, making a blog. Again.

(I certainly didn’t want to start on January 1st or soon thereafter because *groan* so cliché. And this isn’t a New Year’s Resolution or something. It’s just me, putting the big girl pants on and writing to the world – Hello World.)

I’m sure there are some friends that will read this (Hi friends!) maybe some family (Hi family!) or even some stalkers (Um. Yea, hi?)  but for anyone else reading that I do not know personally, to you I say— Hello. Welcome friend.  I don’t know you, but because you are here reading this, we are friends.

When it comes to writing, blogging, poetry, whatever, I am truly thankful when anyone reads the words I have strung together.  I am honored when my words have touched someone, even just a little.  Truly, it’s the only reason I ever wanted to publish a book, a poem or anything really– to share my words and hope that it touches just one person and makes them feel a little less alone. 

I will stumble and be bashful when it comes to self-promoting. I may go weeks without writing a word on this blog, but I will try. That’s all any of us can do.

So without further ado, welcome to my blog. I’ll write about whatever, most likely sticking to the “On —-” format. Each blog will be on a different topic of the moment.  Like this one. On Blogging. Get it? Of course you do. 

My passions are varied so I don’t doubt that my topics will be too.  But it will always be honest and from the heart. And I do hope you enjoy at least a little if not a lot of it.  And if not… well then, there are only 5 trillion blogs out there. I’m sure you’ll find one you like.

One thing I would be infinitely grateful for is if you interacted with me. Leave some kind words, send me an email, connect on social media, tell me your thoughts, dreams, and wishes…  I want to read your words and hear your voice.

And of course, thanks for reading.

Much love,